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Education Achieves

Education Achieves

Strengthen Language & Learning Skills

This right brain-stimulating Chinese learning programme will strengthen a child’s language skills, learning skill, memory and creativity.

Learn Chinese Fast & Easy

While Mandarin is used exclusively in the classes in order to fully immerse the children in the language from the start, our teachers also employ ‘body’ and sign language, which allows non-Chinese-speaking students to quickly grasp instructions.

Cultivate Learning Interest

Lively theme-based teaching using scientific experiments, dramatic elements, life experience, and other constructive knowledge allow children to develop critical thinking, while at the same time making them happy to learn, with every lesson being a surprise.

Zero Pressure of Learning

The 5-Stage teaching method strengthens language skills, and enhances writing ability. By segmenting the classes according to a child’s learning progress, from literacy-reading-understanding-applied to writing, the results are remarkable.

Increase Literacy Quickly

Flash card teaching can increase literacy quickly. To further cement this skill, a wide range of reading material is available to the children. This will promote reading and comprehension skills, sentence construction, vocabulary building, as well as oral and written skill.

Games Bring Character Education in Class

By using games to teach, character education is provided at the same time. Besides academic knowledge, children will also learn how to be better people.

Building a solid Mandarin Foundation

Our method fully prepares pre-school Chinese and non-vernacular school students for primary school. By building a solid Mandarin foundation for international school/private school and foreign students, we help arm them with the ability to read, listen, speak, and write, thus gaining the advantage of an additional language.

“Learn First, Do Later” Workbooks Approach to build self-confidence

Bao Bei’s supplementary workbooks emphasize the “learn first, do later” approach. All homework provided will be according to a child’s current literacy level. This will not only help to gauge the children’s learning progress, but also at the same time strengthen their language usage and gradually build self-confidence and stimulate their interest in learning.

Class Video

After nearly 20 years of refining our methodology

Bao Bei Reading Wonderland had successfully educated thousands of students…