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Mission and Vision


  • To spread the seeds of love, and to ensure our children grow and thrive.
  • To cultivate the essence of education, in order to produce great achievers.

Our Mission

  • To cultivate students with a good command of Mandarin, who are able to read, listen, speak, write, think critically, and become well-rounded students.

  • To stimulate a child’s interest in learning and so help boost their confidence, thus developing students who will take the initiative to learn, and love learning.

  • To develop students’ perseverance and self-confidence by instilling the attitude of always striving for excellence.

  • To encourage students to create their own self-learning environments.

  • To help students realize their potential, and to cultivate their character by providing students with love, respect, assistance, condusive learning spaces and a safe learning environment.
  • To encourage the cooperation between parents and teachers in order to demonstrate love and care for the community.

  • To organize a variety of activities to train children in their ability to self-care, thereby helping them to adapt to different environments, while developing the capability for children to live independently.

We Believe…

  • Every child is a unique individual. Therefore the learning and developmental capabilities of each will be different. Our students are taught to compare themselves only to their best efforts, not to others.

  • The essence of learning is to allow the children to build self-confidence and self- affirmation.

  • Playing games is a child’s nature. By combining games into the teaching methods, we have an assured way to help children learn without knowing they are learning.

  • That parents need to spend quality time with their children, demonstrating love and care so that children may recognize it.

  • Children must learn to be independent and live in harmony.

  • Social experiences help children to build self-awareness.

  • Children need to be developed and exposed to proper behavior norms as well as humanistic qualities, and art and aesthetics.

  • Children are required to gain knowledge through direct and practical experience.