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Course Intro

Course Introduction & Overview

Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is the children Chinese education center. <<Bao Bei Children’s Super Learning Program>> is mainly using image input method for the teaching materials, the use of game teaching,pay attention to child’s literacy capability,accumulate vocabulary,have a greater understanding and know how to apply,and increase writing skills.

Bao Bei 5-stages teaching techniques are proven to be effective,a highly creative teaching method,offers big group teaching, small group teaching, and one-on-one teaching,guiding children to study harder,cultivate the interest of learning,and build self-confidence.

In addition, we are using lively and active educational theme, to allow the children to have their first-hand experience, scientific experiment, drama elements, life experience, and other constructive knowledge, and also helps the children to develop critical thinking.

Introduction to our courses:

Beginner Class   

~This stage develops the basics of reading, comprehension and speaking skills.

-Basic literacy of 1000 words

-Bao Bei Reading Book System

-Bao Bei Textbook


Intermediate Class

~This stage develops children’s reading ability, comprehension, application of skills, and writing skills.

-Intermediate literacy of 2000 words

-Picture Books Reading System

-Bao Bei Textbook 



Advanced Class

~This stage enhances children’s reading capabilities, their understanding of more complex terms, application of higher skills, and enhanced writing skills.

-Advanced literacy of 3000 words

-Novel Reading System

-Bao Bei Essay Book